Careprost eye lashes to you

Careprost is a generic brand and very affordable giving the same promising results. This eye care treatment is easy to use and should only be used once a day. An applicator will be provided with your purchase. One drop of Careprost bimatoprost solution is to be placed on the tip of your applicator. Then you will apply the tip of your applicator to your upper edge of eyelash.

You drop another drop of solution to your applicator’s tip and apply to your other eyelash edge. This is to be done everyday once a day, preferably at nigh for 16 weeks. Normally you see a change of appearance of your eyelashes after 2 weeks. Full results vary but are usually seen after 16 weeks to see a considerably difference,careprost bimatoprost reviews are very helpful in the use of the consumer .

Once you have achieved your new eyelash growth and results, you are required to not discontinued using this eye care treatment. Expect to maintain your eyelashes results by using this once or twice a week rather than once a day. This is to prevent your eyelashes reverting to their natural length.

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