Careprost eyelash growth fluid for the crowd

Careprost uses a prostaglandin compound that is extracted from fatty acids and can be used to bind to prostaglandin receptors, which are distributed on hair and are associated with hair follicle development and growth.
Careprost bimatoprost eyelash growth fluid, for eyelashes scarce, from the root began to improve, immediately after use, so that eyelashes increased by 30%, abundance curling. And, the elasticity and flexibility of eyelashes, significantly improved, and thick black and bright, natural upturned. Careprost passed, the US FDA certification; use 14 days to make eyelashes, obvious growth, the use of 8-16 weeks, you can stabilize the eyelash effect, so that eyelashes grow more durable, to solve eyelash growth, cyclical off, the impact. Adhere to use 2-3 months, you will have slender lips.

For the crowd:
1, due to less hairiness (also known as eyelash sparse) caused by the rare eyelashes people;
2, adolescents and patients due to chemotherapy, and eyelashes fall off;
3, longing for eyelashes longer, denser, black beauty.

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