Careprost’s effect on your eyelashes

For me, Careprost is the product I use, the first time in the length so effective, and my eyes have any harm, I tried a lot of eyelash growth fluid, the most moderate of a Mascara, from now on will certainly continue to use!
Careprost, also known as Lumigen, is a curl growth fluid containing 0.03% Bimatoprost. Is directly used in the upper eyelash eyelash root can increase the length of eyelashes, density and color in order to achieve increased eyelash density.

The active ingredient bimatroprost, a central nervous inhibitor, structurally similar to prostaglandin, is extracted from fatty acids and can be used to bind to prostaglandin receptors, which are distributed on hair and develop with hair follicles and grow Related to the original is Allergan company for the treatment of glaucoma prescription drug Lumigan active ingredients. Lumigan users found that it had the side effect of promoting eyelash growth, and (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) came into being to treat eyelid hairiness.

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