Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

A lot of appeal trends come and go, but a pick couple of– like lipstick and long eyelashes– have stood the test of time and also are likely here to remain.

When it comes to lengthy lashes, mascara is a staple in the majority of makeup bags. But newer alternatives, including eyelash extensions, are being used to aid ladies’s eyes stand out. Eyelash expansions are an expanding trend and have gotten a fair share of promotion over the last few years, with several big stars revealing them off in Hollywood as well as beyond.

Yet not all the press on eyelash extensions has been eye-catching.

When starlet Kristin Chenoweth appeared wearing sunglasses on a late night talk show a couple of years ago, she clarified that the reason was an eyelash extension mishap that left her with badly inflamed eyelids.

Not long after Chenoweth’s look, Consumer Information and also the American Academy of Ophthalmology weighed in on this expanding charm fad, prompting consumers to wage caution if they are thinking about having extensions used.

What Are Eyelash Expansions?
There are great deals of ways to get longer-looking eyelashes. The most basic as well as least pricey is conventional mascara.

Others consist of incorrect eyelashes, eyelash transplants, long-term make-up, drugs that advertise lash growth, and also even eyelash perms. To be clear, eyelash extensions don’t technically fall under any of these categories.

Eyelash expansions are private fibers– not a strip of lashes– that are glued, individually or in little teams, onto your natural eyelashes to boost the appearance of size and also fullness.

Many eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, and are bound using various kinds of specialist glues. Silk is one more material utilized for eyelash expansions. There are also mink eyelashes constructed from all-natural hair.

Just How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied
You don’t require a level to use eyelash expansions, but by no means does this indicate that the treatment is simple to perform. In fact, it needs quite a bit of skill, and also due to the precision called for to put private lashes, it is typically contrasted to microsurgery– other than it’s usually carried out in a medspa or beauty parlor by an aesthetician or technician rather than an experienced eye care specialist.

The majority of aestheticians or service technicians apply eyelash expansions making use of 2 sets of tweezers. The very first set is made use of to separate your natural lashes. The 2nd set holds the lash extension, which is dipped in adhesive and after that positioned on top of the isolated all-natural lash. After a couple of secs, the two will bond together.

Normally, anywhere from 40 to 100 eyelash extensions are applied per eye.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?
Eyelash extensions are shed with your natural eyelashes. Usually, eyelashes fall out as well as regrow every 6 weeks or so. After about a month, approximately half of your eyelash expansions will certainly be gone.

Eyelash Extensions Price
If you enroll in a full set of eyelash expansions, alloted regarding two to three hours as well as a few hundred dollars. Mink eyelash expansions can cost around $500.

Numerous hair salons supply “touch-up” applications of new eyelash expansions as existing ones are lost with your all-natural eyelashes. The price for limited eyelash extension substitutes is dramatically less than the first treatment.

What Can Go Wrong
Definitely, anytime you’re touching an area near the eye, there’s cause for problem. But with eyelash expansions, issues do not normally arise from sharp tweezers. Rather, most issues are caused by the glue that’s made use of to bond the synthetic extensions in position, considering that these often include formaldehyde or other chemicals that can create inflammation as well as allergic reactions.

Eyelash extensions can make brief, sporadic eyelashes look thicker and longer. But there are dangers.

A write-up released in Consumer News goes over several instances in which clients experienced infections and also allergic reactions to the formaldehyde-based adhesives that were utilized to apply their eyelash extensions. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) likewise responded to records warning customers concerning the dangers of cosmetic eyelash extensions.

AAO mentions the complying with particular risks of using eyelash extensions:

Infection of the cornea

Infection of the eyelid

Puffy eyelids

Short-term or irreversible loss of eyelashes

As the AAO notes, in addition to infections as well as allergic reactions, some individuals really lose eyelashes in the process of trying to make them look more numerous. This is since regular use eyelash extensions can damage the hair roots responsible for eyelash development as well as maintenance.

Various other, much less usual, problems with eyelash expansions include forceps injuries, responses to solvents utilized to remove the expansions, and also reactions to the tape that might be made use of to hold your covers closed throughout the procedure.

Also, some optometrist and also researchers think eyelash expansions may enhance your threat of dry eyes. It appears there is an optimal length for eyelashes to protect the eyes from wind, dust and also various other particles. Animal researches recommend this ideal eyelash length is one-third the width of the eye.

Longer, fuller eyelashes create a fan-like result with each blink, boosting air flow on the surface area of the eye that can create dry eye signs, according to Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh Institution of Medicine.