Causes Of Faulty Eyelashes


We always applying various cosmetic to make sure our eyelashes are long,dense and perfect to behold. But do you know what’s the reason caused them short, sparse or fall out ? The function of our eyelashes are used as protective barriers for our eyes, If applying the wrong eyelash products can make our eyelid and lashes painful and irritation.

If your eyelashes fall out excessively,it’s maybe a sign of diseases. You should consult your doctor if you have any disease. Such as: alopecia areata,scleroderma,hyperthyroidism,hypothyroidism and lupus. You may experience temporary eyelash loss if you are undergoing these diseases. Or using eyelashes curlers also can break and damage your natural lashes. The most common reason that caused our eyelashes fall out is applying waterproof mascara, It’s hard to remove and will cause excessive scrubbing on the lashes.

Combat the problem of lashes falling out or sparse. We should keep the good habits and choose the suitable eyelashes products.Like careprost serum, It can enhance your eyelashes more longer, darker and fuller effectively and quickly. and eat some nourishing foods to boost your eyelashes growth.

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