How To Correctly Apply Careprost Eyelash Serum?


Eyelash is a special and important feature to show your appearance. The best way to improve your eyelash is to apply careprost serum. It can give your eyelash a huge difference, But do you know how to correctly apply careprost eyelash serum?

Step 1 –

Please clean your face and remove makeup before apply this eyelash serum.Make sure you don’t wear contact lenses and use other facial care products. It’s necessary to confirm and avoid influence the result of careprost serum.
Step 2 –

Put one drop of careprost solution on the matched sterile applicator.In addition, Don’t touch the bottle nozzle when dropping the liquid.
Step 3 –

Applying the serum on the upper eyelid, Please keep your eyes close when applying the applicator near the eyelid. In order to avoid the liquid go into your eyes.
Step 4 –

Applying careprost serum with proper dosage that can enhance your lashes effectively and carefully blot away the extra amount , avoiding waste.

Step 5 –

For the best result, It’s necessary to use a new sterile applicator or brush each time.It also will prevent you from unwanted side effects. Regularly apply careprost serum, you will get the super long eyelashes sooner.

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