Use careprost to take care of the problem

Careprost can increase the length of your eyelashes and you need to be patient with careprost. If you feel the effect in the 8th week, adhere to the treatment. You will see the overall effect of careprost at 16 weeks. After that, you should consult with your doctor about the time to continue to use.

Before using careprost every night, make sure your face is clean and remove contact lenses, please put a good brush, in the horizontal position that is good, in the most direct contact with the eyelid end of the brush, drop a drop careprost, immediately brush Be careful, apply to the edge of the upper eyelid eyelash, touch the skin position, any beyond the eyelid parts, and immediately with a paper towel to dry the excess solution.

If you accidentally eye, under normal circumstances, will not cause any harm to the eyes, do not need to clean the eyes. When applying careprost to another eye, please use a new brush to prevent the eyes from crossing the infection. Please do not use cotton swabs, and other tools to apply liquid.

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