Why You Should Remove Waterproof Mascara?


Waterproof mascara bring us more convenient in making up.Which helps you looks perfect in beach, swimming pool or other hot days. However, it is also an nightmare when it comes to cosmetic remover. It is a huge project for waterproof mascara cleansing without damage eyelash. Following is some tips for how to remove waterproof mascara without suffering.

Firstly, you should not abuse of waterproof mascara since this product has glue to stick mascara to eyelash better. Too much waterproof mascara will cause your eyelash loss.You can choose a commercial mascara makeup remover. Soak a cotton ball with warm water, then wet your eyelash gently with this cotton ball. Then dip some makeup removal product in another cotton ball to wipe your lashes gently. Another excellent alternative product to remove waterproof mascara is natural olive oil. This product is 100% natural without drying or damaging your skin. Just apply cotton ball to wipe your eyelash, it is easy to remove eyelash mascara.

If you apply waterproof Mascara in long terms,Your eyes will be hurt seriously.The best way is you can choose Careprost serum to get naturally long eyelash. Do not to wear heavy mascara, just apply natural careprost lash serum nightly to regrow longer fuller and thicker eyelashes in few weeks.

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